Now, more than ever, your brand must be viewed as expert, relevant, relatable, and professional. We’ve seen way too many newsletters with spelling and grammatical errors, “homemade” graphics, poor photography, and monotonous content. 

Let the WABA marketing team help your company shine! We pride ourselves on rapid response, flexibility, and affordability. We can turn your content, graphics, and digital events from subpar to superb, on time and on budget. 

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The COVID-19 crisis has revealed a hidden truth: many companies are far behind the eight-ball in making sure that their brand and business are fully engaged with a defined audience. The COVID-19 lockdown has forced customer engagement online, over the air, and in print. Are you producing your best work when it comes to:

  • Building strategic social media campaigns?
  • Creating smart and informative newsletters that capture attention and readership? 
  • Defining and accessing your customer base? 
  • Designing smart and eye-catching advertisements? 
  • Growing your audience of current and future buyers? 
  • Updating your website to reflect changes across your customer base and your community? 
  • Utilizing inexpensive but effective technologies to spread your message and engage with your clients? 

Let us help!


Make A Plan, Put It Into Action:  Client Retention, Brand Awareness, and Brand Reliability

1) Build Client Retention: You may have heard of brand loyalty. When your customer knows there are other companies they could turn to, but they turn to your expertise, you have created loyalty. When you build brand loyalty, you minimize attrition to competitors.You need to make sure that when you aren’t able to see your clients face-to-face, attend in-person events, or offer hands-on advice, they still choose you. Here’s an example: because gyms are closed, many people are working out in their homes with free apps, or moving their exercise outside. A health and fitness business should be working to make sure that clients re-invest in getting back to the gym the moment the government lifts the lockdown. The gym should focus on Client Retention. 

2) Create Brand Awareness: Brand awareness means people see you in print, in emails, in texts, in videos across multiple platforms, on social media, and on your website. When customers see your brand, they instantly notice visuals and content of the highest caliber. Within nanoseconds, you are drawing your audience in and leading them to believe that your brand is successful and worthy of investment.  When you build brand awareness, you create followers and influence your customer’s current and future purchasing decisions.  If you are the gym owner referred to above, you need to make sure that your logo, graphics, and content are showing up in all the right places and that your current and potential clients are seeing you active, successful, walking the walk, and looking forward to the future with positivity. 

3) Foster Brand Reliability: Brand reliability means you are actively creating awareness that your business is a value-added service that offers superior, consistent excellence and customer service compared to your competitors. Your clients and audience must believe that you are a reliable expert they can understand and trust. You have to be onpoint, all the time, creating and driving content that makes sense for your audience, that they can use in their own lives in practical ways. 

Actions: Make sure you’re ready to jump back into “normal” with energy and flair! You need a broad program that touches on each aspect of your marketing goals. We can help you plan, prepare, and put in place the actions necessary to achieve your business goals.

Community Outreach: If you need help connecting with your audience and your community, or if you’re trying to grow a new audience, we’re happy to serve as your conduit. We’re experts at connecting businesses with civic, non-profitand cultural organizations that can help you network across multiple platforms. Community Outreach is especially vital if you want to achieve your goals, and it’s just The Right Thing To Do. Let us help you help others! 

Content: Content is King, and if you aren’t producing videos, op-eds, articles, blogs, vlogs, or social media that grows your audience of prospective clients, then you can’t achieve your goals. Period. Let us help you get press attention, write your newsletters, and create well-spoken, well-crafted video appearances. We write speeches, articles, content for flyers, business brochures, and much more, every day. Not everyone can write or do graphics – we all have our unique talents – but this is where our skills lie, and it’s what we do best!

Events: If you want to appear to be reliable, expert and on-the-ball, you need to plan digital appearances. Let us help you plan smart, efficient, and exciting events within your budget. Whether you want to host a Town Hall, a callin, a recorded interview, or an event with multiple players, we can help you plan and execute! 

Newsletters: We can’t understate the importance of engaging with your customers across multiple platforms. Before COVID-19, people were leaving social media and turning to emailed newsletters. Now, those newsletters are a vital link between you and your current clients. Send emails on professional platforms that include heartfelt hellos, tips, and a coupon or special access programs (i.e., Facebook Live, Zoom, Google Meet, Google Chat). Your emails should include: “How are you? How can I help? Let me offer my expertise and opinion”. It should go without saying that you need to include professional-grade graphics, photos, and even embedded video clips. Show your clients that you acknowledge COVID-19 as an obstacle that you are expert and capable enough to overcome. If you don’t have an email list, we can teach you how to acquire and build one.

Social Media Strategy: If you are posting random information that isn’t professional, reliable, or relatable (Hello, to folks out there posting random “Facts” and “Data” that’s unreliable, or malware, or both) then you are missing the mark. Let us help you create a social media strategy that maximizes all the tools available on Facebook, Instagram, Twitterand even TikTok so you can retain and build your audience. 

Website development: If you have not updated your website with current information, the best ways to contact you, and concise, efficient ways to access your expertise, then you are falling far behind your competitors. Let us help you update or even redesign your site to be efficient, energetic, savvy, and a welcoming digital storefront.


DIANA LOVE is a marketing strategist, journalist, and community activist in Annapolis, Maryland. Diana lives in West Annapolis, Maryland with her children, husband, and dog Mini Max. Diana is an outdoor enthusiast whose favorite pastime when she isn’t in the mountains is finding creative solutions for her customers’ content, PR and communications problems.

Learn more about Diana on her LinkedIn profile

Cat Paschal Dolch is a graphic artist, website, and content developer living in Annapolis, MD, with her husband Zac. She founded her company, Captain Marketing Solutions, in 2010, and has since worked closely with local businesses, the fine arts community, and non-profit organizations. When Cat is not plugging away behind her computer, she most enjoys moseying around the city, being outdoors, and kicking it with her family. LinkedIn |

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